La battaglia della Kensal Library

Ne ho parlato nel mese di aprile

Ora, nonostante la grande mobilitazione, la biblioteca è minacciata di sgombero. Ci si sta attrezzando per resistere, mentre la battaglia civile arriva alla ribalta nazionale e prende il titolo di Indignados.

Ecco il testo inglese dell’ultima newsletter (per tradurre

Great showing at the library over the past 24 hours. What amazing generosity from people.

Coffee and whisky against the cold at 3am (and this went very well with cone biscuits from Sudan), brilliant tortilla, lovely soup, cider and wine, and brandy (Albanian and French) black bean something, constant tea, coffee and biscuits, yummy cakes from Xanthe, blankets from shopkeepers and pads to sleep on, donations of books, a heater even and great conversation.

And the very heartening support of people dropping by, which they have done constantly. And not forgetting all the schoolchildren and their parents.Thanks especially to people who have turned up for the ‘hard’ shifts – through the night and early morning.  

And there is still the  opportunity to take on the challenge of this shift!
Just turn up, you would be very welcome. And yes, it is cold, and the weather forecast is not great.
Our ‘community library’ has been popular and thank you to all the people that have donated books.
The council wants to try and get rid of the ‘problem’ of Kensal Rise by Friday. Preston Rd Library campaigners stopped the council removing books from their library today. We can do the same, but we need to keep up a constant presence at the library, so if you care about saving the library please try and be there for whatever time you can spare.
We continue to have plenty of press interest and our status has been elevated. We are becoming known as the Kensal Rise Indignados!
There will be a Public meeting on Thursday Night at 7.30.
It will be held in St Martin’s Church in Mortimer Rd and thanks to the vicar for allowing us to have it there.
We will give you an update on what is happening on the legal and other fronts. 
In the meantime maybe see you at the Kensal Rise Library piazza?
Precedentemente una manifestazione di bambini aveva impedito che fossero posti i sigilli alla biblioteca.
Noi, ovviamente, facciamo il tipo per i “facinorosi” 🙂 difensori della biblioteca.
Parafrasando l’inno inglese: gli uomini salvino la Kensal Library.


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